Together we can make a difference

Who We Are

Saahas is a non-governmental voluntary organisation working with the aim of fulfilling the general and basic needs like health care services, education, food, shelter, counselling & training services for Tribal Areas, physically disabled, health sector and others, since years.

Tribals often experience passive indifference that may take the form of exclusion from educational opportunities and social participation.

The importance of education is one of the most powerful means of bringing about socio–economic development of tribes cannot be underestimated.

Saahas works with children of tribal areas for their education and upliftment. It has organised many education camps and workshops to enhance the education level and wellbeing of children of tribal areas


To provide life essentials that can help people bring back the courage to live.


To be a positive force that extends selfless services through dedicated volunteers.


1.To lift the public from the curses of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and diseases carrying out different community development programs and activities
2. The activities shall be purely for charitable purpose, which includes relief of the poor educational, social, medical etc. And the advancement of any other matter of general public utility and to improve health, education &socio-economic conditions of community through voluntary efforts.
3. To help and to provide relief to the poor irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or language.

Our Trustee

Saahas is not merely a charitable trust. As the name suggests, the trust focuses on bringing courage back into human lives. It has been facilitating the needs of helpless human beings, ever ready to serve people and make essentials available for them to live!


Mr. Vishwamani Tiwari

Mr. Vishwamani Tiwari is the first generation entrepreneur who epitomized the dauntless entrepreneurial spirit of an encouraging visionary, to bring a revolutionary change in the system. Being a people’s person, he always strived to live up to his commitments. His unpretentious focus remains unchanged in economic activity in emerging and developed markets such as Europe, the USA, and China and is consistent with a still-soft but improving demand environment to make his presence felt in those domains.

One of the most interesting things which not many are aware of is that the idealistic thoughts and experiences led him to find equilibrium between entrepreneurship and social engagement through his trust- SAAHAS, which aims to educate tribal children. As COVID-19 continues to spread, the teams of Saahas are on the field, risking their safety, to make sure that the needy and poor people get help from Saahas.

However, after soaring high, his powerful vision to take charge and act on an idea without fearing the outcomes is one of the attributes that aided the company to become one of the leading IT companies in India. He credits all of his success to his entire team claiming that “having a visionary and innovative team and management has boosted the morale and enthusiasm to achieve triumph.


Madhusudan Kabra
CFO & Compliance Head

Madhusudan Kabra, is a commerce graduate (2011) with professional qualifications of Chartered Accountancy (2012), having over 8+ years of diversified experience of working with the leaders in Telecom, Banking and Financial Services. He is Diploma holder in Information System Audit from Institute of Chartered Accountant of India (2019) and Certification in Anti Money Laundering Laws in India ( Specialization in AML).

He posses in-depth understanding of Business Restructuring, Insolvency Laws, Corporate matters, FP&A, Auditing and Accounting.

Presently, he is heading Finance division of a leading business conglomerate diversified in Technology, BFSI and Capital Market and Hospitality based in Mumbai.

He shares his views, articles on various channels and popular websites including LinkedIn and Caclubindia.

He was Anti Money Laundering auditor for Bank Saderat Iran, Qatar as per Qatar Central Bank Guidelines (BSI Qatar) in 2019.

Apart from Professional work he is actively involved in Blood Donation drives, awareness of thalassemia (a sort of inherited blood disorder) and associated with NGO's like ATBF and Saahas.